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Scottish Charity No: SCO03714


From the Church Orders of Service - 18th Feb 2018

Intimation is hereby given that the Kirk Session & Congregational Board will meet for the transaction of all ordinary business this Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7 pm in the Library.

The contact for February is Jean Symington (739923). Please let Jean know of anyone who would appreciate being remembered with flowers today.

Flower Group
The Flower Calendar for 2018 is hanging in the vestibule. If you wish to donate flowers or money for flowers to be put in church on a special date, please put your name and telephone number on the calendar for that date.

As a few of the monthly co-ordinators have retired more help is needed.  Anyone able to assist in any way would be very welcome so get in touch with either Shirley Grinyer (775743) or Helen Symington (778981) for more details.

World Day of Prayer
The World Day of Prayer Service is on Friday 2nd March at 2.30 pm in Our Lady of Good Counsel.  All welcome. There are posters and flyers in the vestibule and hall.

Broughty Ferry Churches Group
A five-week series of short studies on the “Blessed Are The …” sayings of Jesuswill take place during Lent.  For details please see posters in the vestibule and hall.

Dates for your Diary!
Dates for our various fundraising events during 2018 are as follows:
Cream Tea. - 21st April
Coffee Morning - 22nd September
Christmas Fair - 24th November                                                                     

Food Bank
Donations to the Food Bank would be most welcome. There is a basket in the vestibule if you feel able to contribute.  Thank you.

Our Choir

No one who visits St Stephen's & West, even occasionally, could fail to be | impressed by the quality of music that enhances our services. Sunday after Sunday, come rain, snow, even (rarely) sunshine, the dedicated members of the choir can be relied on to provide a polished performance of the highest order.
Don't take them for granted. Maintaining | this standard entails constant rehearsals, under the exacting supervision of organist and choirmaster Alex Perry. We owe all of them a sincere vote of thanks.


The Trust was formed in the sixtieth year of Queen Victoria's reign with the purpose of providing financial support to people residing within the boundaries of Broughty Ferry. Those were and are persons in distress due to bereavement, redundancy, illness or other such cause worthy of consideration by the Trustees.

The Trustees are appointed by local churches together with two representatives from Dundee City Council, with board meetings being held every six months.

It has been the custom of the Trust to make regular six-monthly payments to the beneficiaries amounting to several hundred pounds, and this will continue in the future. The Trustees, however, have decided, in view of the financial hardship that is being faced by an increasing number of families, that one-off payments should now be considered.

Those payments will in all likelihood be fairly modest but could make a difference to people facing short term financial hardship. The residential regulations will continue to apply, ie, only to assist those residing within the Broughty Ferry area.
Referrals to the Trust will continue to come from the local churches but the Trustees are willing to consider referrals from other agencies in Broughty Ferry who provide advice to struggling families.

Further information and applications in writing to -
Jim Galloway,
Chairman, Broughty Ferry Benevolent Trust, c/o Baptist Church,
86 St Vincent Street,
Broughty Ferry DD5 2EX
or contact John Grieve,
20 Rowanbank Gardens,
DD5 2JW Telephone 776952

Scottish Charity No: SCO03714

Iain D. McIntosh.   


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