The Past Ministers of the Church.

St Stephens Church
The establishment opened a Chapel on 26th Nov 1871. The parish of St. Stephen was disjoined from Broughty Ferry and Monifieth on 19th July 1875. Present building built in 1871.
1869 Robert SCOTT MA Ordained to Craig 1873
1873 James COOPER MA

First minister of Parish 1875. Then to East Parish, Aberdeen, 1881.

Rev Cooper

1881 James LEASK MA

From Aberdeen Rosemount. DD (Aberdeen 1903). Demitted 1918. (Died 1923) mentioned as a 'Great Greek Scholar). Memorial to Rev Leask in the Church.

Rev Leask

1919 Douglas William BRUCE MA

From Cadzow. Demitted 1925 on appointment to Buenos Aires.

Rev Dr Bruce

1926 James Charles CONN MA, BD, PhD

From Elgin. Demitted 1946 (Died 1969)

Dr JC Conn

1947 Ronald Scott THOMSON MA From Huntly Strathbogie. Went to Culter 1962 (Died 1982) Memorial to Rev James Scott
St Stephen 1911
Broughty Ferry West Church Formed by the Union of Broughty Ferry West UF and Broughty Ferry Union UF on 10th May 1925
1925 Robert John MACKAY MA LLB Minister of Broughty Ferry West United Free (UF) Moved to Greenock St Columba's 1934
1935 Walter Chalmers Smith ANGUS MA From Aberdeen High Church 1935. Moved to Stenton 1949.
1950 Thomas Loudon COX MA From Cambuslang Rosebank. Demitted 1962 on the union of St Stephen's and West. (Died 1970)
West Church1911
Broughty Ferry Free, West Free, West UF Broughty Ferry Free became Broughty Ferry West Free in 1862 and Broughty Ferry West UF in 1900  
1843 David Davidson Minister of Broughty Ferry Chapel of Ease. Joined Free Church 1843. Died 25th June 1843.
1844 John Lyon From Banton. Died 1889.
1880 George Emslie Troup MA Assistant. Broughty Ferry West Free. Demitted 1918
1918 James Rae Forgan MA From Uddingston Chalmers UF. Went to Ayr Trinity UF 1921
1921 Robert John Mackay MA LL.B From Petty UF. Minister of the United Charge 1925.
Broughty Ferry UAS, Union UP Broughty Ferry UAS became Broughty Ferry Union UP in 1847 and Broughty Ferry Union UF in 1900  
1839 John Robb Ordained, Demitted in 1841. Inducted to Ramsay, Isle of Man 1845. (Died 1873)
1843 Laurence Gowans Ord. Died 1844
1845 Duncan Ogilvie To Edinburgh Portsburgh UP 1859. DD(Aberdeen 1869), Died 1893
1860 Hugh Taylor Howat To Everton, Liverpool 1864. DD (New York 1882). Died 1888)
1864 James Graham Died 1893
1893 Thomas F. Best Demitted 1924 to Grange 1924
St Stephen's and West Church

From the union of St. Stephen's Parish Church and Broughty Ferry West Church

(The present Church Congregation)

1963 Gilbert Stuart CAMERON

From Campbeltown Highland Church 1963. Went to Nassau St Andrew's 1974. (Died 1994)

Rev Gilbert Cameron

1974 John Urquhart CAMERON ThD, BA, BSc, PhD, BD

Became Minister in 1975. Retired 2009

Rev JohnU Cameron

2009 Rev James A. Roy, BD

Present Interim Minister

Rev Jim Roy



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