Sunday Services.

Places and Times of Worship


Services 2017

Sunday Morning Worship within St Stephen's & West will be conducted by:


2017 Feb 5th 10 am   The Minister
  12th 10 am   The Minister
  19th 10 am   The Minister
  26th 10 am   The Minister
March 5th 10 am   The Minister
  12th 10 am    
  19th 10 am    
  26th 10 am    


Members of the congregation are asked to note, that both the Kirk Session at St. Mary's & St. Stephen's & West have agreed that the Minister will conduct services as follows: in every eight weeks, three in St. Stephen's and five in St. Mary's. Details will be intimated on a monthly basis.

Services at 10.00 am except Remembrance Sunday (10.50 am) and May and June when they will be at 9.30 am.

Elders on Duty 2017

Morning services will commence at 10 am

Feb 5th 10 am G.B. Muir C.S. Smith Mrs Fiona Watt N. Allan
  12th 10 am A.L. MacKenzie Mrs E. Mussen Mrs M. Masson P. Wakefield
  19th 10 am J Grinyer Mrs S. Grinyer A. Justice R.S. McPherson
  26th 10 am N. Allan Mrs A. McNichol Mrs H. Allan J. Brewster
March 5th 10 am P. Wakefield Mrs S. McMillan K. Matheson C.S. Smith
  12th 10 am R.S. McPherson Mrs S. Thomson Mrs S. Rough Mrs Fiona Watt
  19th 10 am Mrs M. Masson Mrs B. Martin Mrs L. Parry-Richards Mre E. Mussan
  26th 10 am G.B. Muir C.S. Smith Mrs Fiona Watt A.L. MzcKenzie


  • NB Please arrange a substitute if any date is unsuitable for you

  • April/October - Card Communion

  • Beadle Collects choir on Communion

  • Communion 4th Sunday in Jan/April/June/October

Please come round to the Church Hall after the Sunday Service for tea, coffee and cake, also to have a chat.


TraidcraftThe Traidcraft stall will be set up on every Sunday for any purchases that you may like to have



Also to help with our partners in ST. Stephens's Church, MERU, KENYA. The MERU bowl will be on a table for any donations that you may like to give - this will help them build a 'Kindergarten' which is needed so much.


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