St Stephen’s and West Church, Broughty Ferry

West U.F. Church War Memorial 1914-1918

To the Glory of God and to

the memory of the men of this Church

who gave their lives for our Country

in the War 1914-1918



 Thomas Beats

 James R Lawrence

 James R McWilliam

 John Birse

 Thomas Lawrence

 John T McWilliam

 William Chapman

 James Longair

 Thomas Nicoll

 Robert Chisholm

 David Lorimer

 Samuel G M Pebbles

 Charles Clark

 Thomas Malcolm

 James G Peebles

 Peter Cunningham

 Peter Masson

 Peter Peebles

 Charles Duncan

 Norman H Miller

 William W Petrie

 James Elder

 William Morton

 Thomas E Procter

 William G Grant

 Alexander M Moonie

 George A Ritchie

 George A Henry

 James M McBay

 John A Sutherland

 James M Kilgour

 David McInroy

 William Sutherland

 Alexander Knight

 John C McLean

 J. Guthrie Troup


Their Name Liveth For Evermore


This Memorial is in the St Stephen’s and West Church, Westfield Road/Brook Street, Broughty Ferry.  


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